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Family Law

As a family law practitioner, I understand legal matters concerning your family carry with it strong emotions.  I can help you understand how the law can help you and your family’s needs.  Custody, or the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, is the most common type of case in juvenile court.  Typically, child support is linked with custody, and can be addressed by the court at the same time or separately. 

If you have a child and were never married to the parent and wish to establish your parental rights, I can pursue your rights in juvenile court.  I will fight for your rights, which might include custody, visitation or paternity.

When one parent refuses to live up to their child support obligation, Tom Scott can assist you in assist you with the forms and procedures to protect your rights to child support.  To establish, modify or enforce a child support order, call Tom Scott today at 937-853-3100

If you or your child are involved in a where an allegation of abuse, neglect or dependency is being raised, let Tom bring his years of experience to the case and guide you. 

Whenever your rights as a parent are being challenge, put Tom Scott on your team.  Contact Tom and schedule an appointment 937-853-3100