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How to Choose a Good Attorney - An Important Decision

Posted on 6/29/2013 by Thomas Scott in General Dayton Attorney

The decision to use an attorney is a very important one. It can impact your finances or even your freedom. So here are some suggestions how to choose a good attorney.

The decision to use an attorney is a very important one.  It can impact your finances or even your freedom.  So here are some suggestions how to choose a good attorney.

The first place to consider is to ask family and friends for recommendations.  This can be a very viable option if your needs are fairly straightforward.  A perfect example is if you need an attorney to assist you in closing a real estate deal.

Or you may seek an attorney to help you with contract issues such as the establishment of a will or trust documents.  Many of your friends, coworkers or relatives may have had good experiences with a particular attorney and will be glad to provide you with referrals.

If your situation is more involved or if you are not comfortable letting other people know that you have need for an attorney, an excellent place to find and review attorneys is your local bar association.  Most of them have an attorney referral service.

This service can review your needs and make recommendations best suited for your particular requirements.  The local bar association can also provide you other information on attorneys to consider including their education, areas of expertise, complaints, etc. 

The recommendations from the local bar association tend to be very unbiased and informative.  This is often some of the best ways to get good information and recommendations on attorneys to consider.

Once you have a list of prospective candidates, you should try to get more detailed information on them.  Many of the attorneys maintain websites so it is good idea to check them out further.  Do a search on the Internet and review the information contained there.

Some of these websites also have helpful links and other useful information which can further assist you in making an informed and good decision.

The next step is to schedule a meeting with the attorney.  Most good attorneys are willing to schedule an initial consultation at no charge to review your case and provide you with more information and recommendations.

It is also an excellent way for you to get a better idea as to the benefits of this attorney.  Depending on the case you are involved in, you need to feel comfortable with the attorney you are considering so this meeting is an excellent way to feel this out.

Use your time in this meeting to better understand how your attorney can assist you and if you do end up using this person, make certain that the specifics and costs of their services are spelled out as much as possible.